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About Our Story and Services


Why La Moda Artworks?

La Moda Artworks is a trusted provider in Singapore for a wide range of essential services, including vinyl flooring, decking, carpeting, renovation, door repair, installation, plumbing, and floor polishing. Our commitment to excellence, experienced professionals, and attention to detail set them apart. We offer high-quality products, ensuring long-lasting results. With expertise in home renovations, they help clients breathe new life into their spaces while staying within budget. Located conveniently in Singapore, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our customer-centric approach, customization options, and responsive customer support make them the preferred choice for enhancing homes and businesses in the city-state.

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Our Process


Enquiry With US

We will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and to request for a floor plan. A free quotation will be provided.

Visiting Our Showroom 

With the assistance of our team, select from a wide range of styles and colours to find a flooring design suitable for your home.


Our flooring specialists will begin installing your new flooring. Installation may take only 1 day depending on the extent of the project. Our vinyl flooring can be overlaid on existing tiles and no hacking is required.


Please provide us with the specifics of your project at this time.

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