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reinstatement services

Reinstatement Services in Singapore

Reinstatement services provided by La Moda are akin to the mythical Singapore rebirth from the ashes. We take what was once weathered and worn, meticulously deconstruct it, and fashion it into something fresh and exquisite. Our skilled experts at La Moda are dedicated to reviving spaces that have seen better days.


La Moda reinstatement services are executed with precision as we expertly disassemble the old and unwanted, leaving a pristine canvas open to new ideas and opportunities. They eliminate remnants of the past, smoothing walls and repairing floors, ready for a new occupant to reimagine. Whether it's an office renovation or home reinstatement, we excel in all aspects of this craft.

What We Offer For Our Reinstatement Services in Singapore

1. Smooth Transition

Our services guarantee a smooth transition from the planning stage to a punctual handover, with no disruptions throughout the process.

2. Bidirectional Communication

We uphold strict standards to guarantee transparent communication, spanning from pre-sales to post-sales support.

3. 24/5 Customer Support

La Moda team is available 24/7, exclusively for commercial premises, catering to both daytime and nighttime jobs.

4. One Stop Service

La Moda provides tailored solutions for businesses. Our platforms are designed to enhance your commercial space, creating a more productive and efficient environment.

5. Hassle Free & Economical

We place as much emphasis on customer satisfaction as we do on competitive pricing, leading to enduring partnerships.

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Overview of Reinstatement Services We Offer

  • Disassembly and removal of ceiling structures, partitions, and corner elements

  • Reinstallation of office air-conditioning units and security systems

  • Dismantling water sprinkler and fire security systems

  • Clearing and Disposing of Debris and Waste Materials

  • Painting services for walls, ceilings, and fire sprinkler pipes

  • Relocation of lighting fixtures and water supply points

  • Removal or relocation of doors, entrances, and temporary structures

  • Extraction of electrical wiring, including electrical, telephone, and data connections

  • Elimination of kitchen exhaust points

  • Extracting existing fixed interior fittings and furniture

  • Removing floor coverings, such as carpets and tiles

  • Disassembling office furniture, including chairs, desks, and workstations

  • Disassembly of pantry and kitchen spaces

  • Dismantling water sprinkler and fire security systems

  • Taking down wall signs, posters, pictures, wallpapers, stickers, or signage

  • Demolition of workstations and cubicles

  • Removing or demolishing wall partitions and construction

  • Repairing or replacing faulty electrical switches, doors, windows, and walls

  • Restoring original window curtains, blinds, and light fixtures

  • Implementing risk management controls

  • Removal of shopfront hoarding

  • Terminating and removing lighting fixtures and water supply points

  • Deactivating electrical works and connection points

  • Preparing the space for vacancy after reinstatement.

Benefits of Contracting Reinstatement Services to the Professionals


Relocating from one building to a new location can be quite a daunting task, even under the best circumstances. The demands of strict timelines, the challenge of maintaining business operations and profitability while packing up one site and preparing another, and the need for reinstatement of works and services all contribute to the stress. In addition to these services, we also provide our clients with comprehensive moving solutions for the transfer of their furniture and inventory to their new premises.


We ensure the proper disposal of any unwanted items, taking care of the heavy lifting and restoration, so you don't have to tackle it yourself. In certain situations, our work processes may be scheduled overnight to minimize disruption to your customers and neighboring businesses, as well as to reduce safety risks, noise, and dust associated with the transition.

Reinstatement Professionals
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Why should you choose us?

At La Moda, we are committed to delivering the utmost professionalism throughout every phase of your home reinstatement project. This dedication begins with the initial design, extends through the implementation, and culminates in the successful completion. Our promise is unwavering: we provide complete transparency in all reinstatement decisions and any associated costs.


We recognize the challenges involved in initiating and finalizing a significant reinstatement project in Singapore. We take immense pleasure in offering you an obligation-free consultation to understand your preferences and requirements before you make any plans. At La Moda, we view our collaboration with reinstatement contractors as a partnership, with a shared goal of ensuring the highest quality and timely completion of your project. Our aim is to transform your dream home into a reality.


During the renovation and reinstatement processes, we acknowledge that issues can arise at any time of the day. Whether it's a late-night leaky pipe or a midday mishap with paintwork, our capable team is prepared to assist you whenever you require it. With your approval and consent, we can schedule work round the clock, ensuring a swift response to any unexpected problems.


We understand that reinstating a home or location is a time-consuming endeavor, and we are fully committed to dedicating the time and effort necessary to meet your needs.

Economical & Hassle Free

Undertaking projects of this caliber can be costly, particularly in Singapore, where additional expenses tend to accumulate during the project's duration. At La Moda, we take pride in offering competitive and realistic pricing for the work you wish to undertake.


Initiating a dialogue or consultation with us regarding the precise scope of your project will help prevent any unforeseen costs during the renovation process. We value your input and feedback, and our pricing structure reflects this commitment. We encourage you to explore our equitable rates, as we aim to deliver a top-notch outcome in realizing your dream project.


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